Ventura County Foster Parent Association

Data Entry and Administrative Support Volunteer

When: On your own time! Where: Volunteer From Your Home! Contact: Stephanie Whitney Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone: (805) 904-7035 Open Volunteer Spots: Closed

Stack of PaperWe need your help!

We need to get some contact information off of a rather large stack of papers and into an Excel Document so that we can make use of it.  Can you help?

What’s involved?

The task is simple, type the information that currently exists on paper forms into a excel file.  We will give you the forms in small batches and give you an excel file with the file created.  All you have to do is carefully read the material and type it into the excel document.

How long will this take?

We have almost 750 forms that we need to get data from.  We are not looking for you to do this by yourself!  We’ll give them to you in small batches  (normally 50 forms) and you type the data into excel.  You can spend as much of your time as your want, whenever you want transcribing the forms into the Excel Document.  We only ask that you complete the batch of forms you are given within a week.   This allows us to keep the process moving along.

What do I need to provide?

You will need your own computer, with internet access.  Nothing else.

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We're sorry, but we're no longer accepting new volunteers for this opportunity.