Ventura County Foster Parent Association

Officers and Board of Directors

Our Officers and Board of Directors have over 125 years of combined experience in foster care, kinship care, behavioral health, juvenile justice and child development. Our Board takes every opportunity possible to teach, support and be an example for those around us. Our association is governed by officers that are elected from our membership and that meet the requirements of office, as outlined in our Constitution and By-Laws. The Board of Directors meets at least monthly to oversee the activities of the association and to address, whenever possible, the needs of our members, foster and kinship care provider, and most importantly—the foster children in the Ventura County.

Dr. Rekha KrishnaKutty, MD
Director & Special Medical Advisor
Wendy Homan
Vice President
Lisa Carlson-Pugh
Founder & Chairwoman, Rachael's Closet
Sami Martinez
Chairwoman, Ways and Means
Kim Lockwood, PhD
Chairman, Education & Training
Mandee Sanderson
Director & Child Law Advisor
Dr. Joni Bhutra
Director & Special Medical Advisor