Ventura County Foster Parent Association

Training & Education

The VCFPA was founded based on a need to educate and inform care providers, foster parents, relative family members and other in our community in how to best care for the disadvantaged, medically fragile, and neglected children that many of us see on a daily basis.  Those of us that have been doing this for a while know that there is nothing simple or normal in caring for these children and have drawn on our experiences and knowledge to develop very successful strategies that we have learned from others.

For 2017, the VCFPA's training theme will be "Empowering You Through Education".  Our goal during this series of classes will be to provide you - the individual - with the tools and information you need to care for, advocate, support, and nurture the children in your home and help them thrive even under the most difficult situations.  We believe that by giving you a proven set of tools and by presenting you with accurate information you will be able instinctively make better decisions that will benefit the children placed in your care.

So consider this your invitation to join us, learn, and become a part of something bigger and not walk the road alone!

2017 Training Topics:

  • Mar 16- BEHAVIORAL HEALTH With Dr. Heidi Rosenbaum

Meeting Times and Days:

Our meetings are always held on the 3rd Thursday of every Odd Month and normally begin at 7:00pm and last until 9:00pm.  For 2017, our meeting dates will be January 19, March 16, May 18, July 20, September 21, and November 16.  

Meeting Location:

Our meetings are normally always held at the Mission Church in Ventura at 2875 Elba St, Ventura, CA 93003 It’s easy to exit the 101 at Johnson Drive and head to the old theater across from Toys R Us.  Google Map Directions:

Cost and Membership:

Our meetings are normally always free and membership with the VCFPA is not required.  Having said this, a membership with our organization helps provide the necessary funds to support these meetings as well as pay any fees that might be required by the individuals presenting the training or presentation.  You can become a member online, right now!

Continuing Education Credit:

Individuals who attend, and participate in our training events will receive 2-Hours of Continuing Education Credit that will count towards your yearly licensing or re-certification requirements.  These credits are award to you as part of training completion certificate for each class.  Unfortunately, we are not able to replace or re-generate training completion certificates if you fail to pick them up or lose them after the event. 

Child Care:

We provide free child care at all of our meetings unless otherwise communicated for specific events.  Our child care is provided by kind and professional staff at Channel Island Social Services who provide all the foster respite services for Ventura County.  We do ask that if you intend to provided use child care at our meetings that you RSVP in advance.  We can not guarantee that there will be enough room in child care if you show up at the door.


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