Ventura County Foster Parent Association

Types of Membership

Membership with our organization is important.  It demonstrates your commitment to helping us with our mission and it strengthens our voice in the caregiver community.

Because we are a chartered chapter of the California Foster Parent Association, $15 of the dues collected from each of our members goes to the California State Foster Parent Association.   This entitles each of our members to also be a member of the State Association, participate in State Association Events and attend quarterly state association meetings.

Best of all, you can join online right now!

Membership Options

Licensed or Certified Foster Parent, Relative Care Provider, or Resource Family Individual - $10 VCFPA Dues + $15 CSFPA Due = $25 per Calendar year
Spouse, Partner or Couples who are both licensed or certified Foster Parents, Relative Care Providers, or Resource Family Members. $15 VCFPA Dues + $30 CSFPA Dues = $45 per Year
Any individual of the community who is NOT licensed or certified as a Foster Parent, Relative Care Provider, or Resource Family Member who would like to promote and support the VCFPA Mission or Vision. This level of membership does not include CSFPA Membership.
Any youth under the age of 21 or any current or former foster foster child who has been adopted or aged out of care may take advantage of this level of membership.