Ventura County Foster Parent Association
Kim Lockwood, PhD
Kim Lockwood, PhD
Chairman, Education & Training

Kim Lockwood, PhD, is an internationally known lecturer on advocating for children’s health issues and teaching parents how to be better caregivers by becoming better caretakers and positive advocates for their children. As the Education and Training Chairman, his goal is to present “life as it is in the fast lane” or “learn something new everyday.”

Kim and Gloria became foster parents in 1978 for a very special child and when they retired in 2014 after adopting 2 kids they had 406 foster children cross their threshold. They were honored to have participated in shelter care, medically fragile care from newborns and other rare situations, special needs children, both medically and intellectually, hospice care along with the teens and all in between ages. Foster care graduates continues to be a part of their lives.

As an association we can offer you down-to-earth foster and relative care situations and help your home from start up to long term situations. Together we will work to build a program that will benefit your home by developing strategies, with our training and mentors with many years of experience.

Kim enjoys working with those who serve others through personal service and dedication as a foster parent and volunteer provider. Times are stressful and you need to maintain your focus for your family and kids.